Illustration for an album cover. 2015.

Illustrations for internet magazine 2013. Photos © Girts Ragelis

Illustration and design for music album. 2014. More info HERE Photos © Juris Rozenbergs

Illustrations, sand animation for flip-book and lettering for Instrumenti album PROCRASTINATION. 2013.
Graphic design by Artis Tauriņš. Cover photo by Reinis Traidās - director of photography of their music video "Don't Hold Onto Me" directed by Uģis Olte. Event photos © Vladislavs Punculs

Illustrations for Roberts Books bookstore. 2012.

Illustration for Big Bluff band.

Trial illustration for magazine cover. The gig didn't work out, but I like it anyway. 2010.

Poster illustration and design for friends band. 2012.

Poster illustration and design for friends band. 2013.

Poster illustrations for children's charity fair and summer camps. 2014.

Illustrations for a book V*X.

Wordplay image for a band INSTRUMENTI:

Illustration for vinyl cover. Oil on canvas. 2008. Sold.

Illustration for music album cover. 2009.

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